Surfing in the internet and looking for an invoicing program took me to invoicing software called Invoiceor ( I found it quite acceptable for everyday business needs. I was very glad to find out that I can use this software two months for free. I am in the middle of my second month and soon I need to decide whether to buy membership or not.

That it is not my first experience with invoicing program. I have tried some before. To my mind program always will have some thing that you dislike. So I choose the one that has less inferiority. I can say that Invoiceor ( is the one that I like most so far. It is simple and provides only major necessary features.

Invoiceor has also one extra feature called recurring invoices. I have not seen this feature often into invoicing software. That is why Invoiceor surprised me. Maybe you do not know about this feature. If you need to send invoices to your customers regularly, for example, every week, recurring invoices are the best feature you can use. You need to set everything just once and invoices will be generated and sent to your customers automatically. I chose customer, create an invoice and set the regularity. Maybe you do not even need this feature, if you do not sell some memberships, provide services, etc. But those who do will understand me for sure.

I do not push somebody to use exactly my free invoicing software, but I truly recommend trying it. As it is for free you can try and decide then whether you like it or not. Market provides wide choice of software. Everyone can find something that is most suitable for their enterprise.

Invoicing software was like discovery for my business. It improved the look of my invoices and the quality of invoicing process. I look back and can not understand how we lived without using invoicing program.

20 Jul 2012