Nowadays more and more companies all over the world prefer e-invoicing. They stop using postal service to send invoices, but choose up-to-date invoicing software.

The leaders in sending electronic invoices are Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Denmark and Switzerland. Every year the number of those, who use the invoicing software increases. Partly this increase is pushed by companies. They let their customers to choose, whether to receive free invoice by email or pay for paper invoice. Of course almost everyone chooses electronic invoice. Preferred channel for e-invoice is PDF/email. You don’t even need to print out the invoice afterwards, unless you need it for bookkeeping posting. But I think that invoicing software will solve this in future.

Interesting experience of inventing e-invoice was in Brazil. Single format e-invoice Nota Fiscal Electronica (NF-e) was imposed by legislation. First e-invoice was issued in September 2006. By the June 2011 already 3 billion invoices have been issued. 90 % of market in Brazil is using electronic invoicing.

With the invoicing software you can not only be “green” to environment, but also be advantageous to your business. Using invoicing software is cost optimization. More and more companies start using the invoicing software and realise, that they never going to return to paper invoicing. The difference is perceptible immediately. If your company is still sending paper invoices, try the invoicing software, by all means! You always can return to paper invoicing, unless you enjoy e-invoicing.

17 Apr 2012